Highly Optimized Milestone Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Hyperdrive NVR H500

Reason 1 : Milestone Xprotect Inside

Hyperdrive is member of the Milestone System Builder Program, which means that all the Hyperdrive NVRs are shipped with Milestone Xprotect pre-installed.

The Hyperdrive NVRs are approved and certified by Milestone following a rigourous reliability and performance test plan.

Hyperdrive support team will handle the first level of support for Milestone and the hardware, customers will benefit of a single point of contact for any VMS support issues.

Reason 2 : Sustained High performance  

Hyperdrive H500 is certified for 800 Mbps of recording bandwidth using Seagate Skyhawk hard-drives combine to a performent data cache engine.

All of this in RAID-6 where others struggle to reach this performance in RAID-5.

Hyperdrive is the first Milestone NVR to use the AMD Ryzen CPU which offers high clock frequency with numerous CPU cores.

HYPDRV-OS is getting the most out of the AMD Zen CPU infrastructure for new level of performance for a NVR of this price range.

Reason 3 : End to end Milestone Xprotect infrastructure deployed in less than 15 minutes.

HYPDRV-OS is an Hyperconverged environment using the same technology than the software defined infrastructure cloud providers.

A full installation of Milestone Xprotect including storage setup takes only few minutes.

Furthermore a factory reset to return to the initial configuration is possible in one click, the time of re-installing Windows from scratsh is over.

Reason 4 : Ultra Reliable thanks to built-in failover of Milestone Xprotect Management Server.

Hyperdrive is the first (and only) vendor to propose a transparent failover of the Xprotect Management server without the configuration of a complexe MS SQL redundancy plan or any additional license.

Thanks to a builtin real-time replication of the VM image of the Management server, HYPDRV-OS enables an automatic failover at no additional cost.

Reason 5 : Safe high capacity of storage.

Unlike other NVRs promoting RAID-5 for performance or pricing reason, Hyperdrive supports only and only RAID-6.

This choice has been made to don't compromise on the safety of the data, RAID-6 allows the loss of 2 x Hard-Drives with no impact on the data integrity.

This extra level of security offered by RAID-6 makes us confortable to offer our systems with high capacity hard-drives up to 14 TBytes.

The Hyperdrive H500 hosts 12 x Hard-Drives in a 2U height rack mounted chassis.

Reason 6 : The Power without the Price.

A complete system Hyperdrive H500 with 12 x 2TB drives including Windows 2016 Server license cost only $8149 (USD) with 3 x year warranty.

Request a quote to sales@hyper-drive.co.za for the configuration you wish, we can also assist you to design your Milestone backend infrastructure.

Six Reasons to choose Hyperdrive